Below you will find links to in-depth research, interviews, and analysis on individual companies and industries of interest to us. We will also share investment and market-related thoughts from time to time. If you find our work valuable, you can encourage us to write more with beer!

September 8, 2020Market Thoughts
August 28, 2020Qurate and the Future of Video Commerce
June 26, 2020Acquisitions – Reasons Why and Examples
June 17, 2020Cannibals – A Survey of Impressive Buybacks
June 9, 2020A Few Thoughts on Capital Allocation
May 14, 2020The Investment Ecosystem and Manager Selection
April 19, 2020Invest in REITs or Real Estate?

Our intention is to publish research approximately 6-10 times per year.
None of the research published here should be taken as a recommendation to buy or sell any security.