Our Creed

We founded Micawber Capital to help people we care about grow their wealth and increase financial security. We aim to preserve capital by having a large margin of safety in our investments while attempting to generate attractive returns through market cycles. For an in-depth look at our investment philosophy, continue reading here

Our Edge

To outperform the crowd, you must do something different. In our opinion, human behavior, not financial analysis, drives outperformance (alpha) in investing. We strive to make infrequent concentrated bets when the odds are stacked heavily in our favor.


Too often, we see advisers counsel one thing for clients and another for themselves. We believe that aligning ourselves with our clients creates the proper incentives. Thus, Mr. Mepani and his immediate family aim to invest the majority of their liquid net worth in the same strategies that are offered to clients.


Our goal is to keep fees simple and low. Separately managed accounts are charged a 1% fee on assets.